We are a tribe of creative micro-businesses working together in our Brighton studio.

We collaborate on projects, bringing together our specialist talents in the service of others. There's not much we can't do as a team, but if you want a quick list, we specialise in copywriting, coding, animation, branding, tone-of-voice, film-making, photography, workshops and all kinds of design - we're also pretty good at making websites.

Photo of Ed Shit portrait of Ed

Ed Isaacs

Optimistic Fox

As the resident ‘Man with laptop’, Ed’s happiest when talking to clients or writing copy. Occasionaly creative & always loud, he laps up hip-hop & high-octane fuel (not literally, obvs). Suprisingly good cook.

Photo of Becky Shit portrait of Becky

Rebecca Bailey

Optimistic Fox

Random acts of kindness giver, google search master, hoarder of browser tabs, screenshots & interestingly useless facts. Lover of ferrets and fast cars - not together, that would get messy.

Photo of Fran Shit portrait of Fran

Francesca Swatton


Fran designs like a goddess and has a fervent love of flamingos and Matt Sewell birds. She is also well known in the studio for eating things only in halves.

Photo of Ruth Shit portrait of Ruth

Ruth Watson


When Ruth isn't Creative Directing like a boss she is mainly thinking about gold and pin badges, OOooh golden pin badges. She also does shit portraits. They are not that shit.

Photo of Sam Shit portrait of Sam

Sam Waters


Sam has one fan. And it blows his hair majestically whilst playing the best guitar solos on Instagram. He also enjoys a blast in Belinda CARlisle - his purple MX5.

Photo of Paul Shit portrait of Paul

Paul Ferguson

When Paul's not cycling across continents he's a web dev. He grew up on a farm which may explain why he resorts to animal sounds in an attempt to avoid explaining himself in a professional manner. Meowww woof.

Photo of Natalie Shit portrait of Natalie

Natalie Hancock

Cakes. Crazy children. Curious explorer of rock pools and gardens. I love technology but technology does not like me. I prefer pencils, paints and getting messy.


Design & branding

We're a creatively curious team who believe in bold brand positioning, daring designs and courageous creativity.


Optimistic Fox

Copywriting & tone of voice

Specialising in brand & customer experience communication, we help organisations say & do the things they believe in.


Natalie Hancock

Illustrator & designer

Part graphic designer and part illustrator, you'll find her work adorning tables, bottles, walls, windows, magazines, websites and even cakes!


Paul L Ferguson

Front-end web developer

Worker of UI systems for projects of various scales and technology, specialising in CSS and HTML.


Showcase: Peter Docker | WhyNot

Committed to helping shift the world of work to be a place where the vast majority of people go home fulfilled, energised & inspired by the work they do, Peter Docker enables people to be extraordinary so that they can do extraordinary things. As a speaker, teacher & Start With Why Igniter, Peter presents around the world, as well as facilitating international workshops and bespoke leadership programmes.

Peter asked us create a simple, human, experience-rich website from scratch to bring Peter, his content & his ideas to life in the digital world, so they can have purpose & value in the real world. We also gave him a new brand.

Everyone I have shown the website to has said “WOW, what a website!” which, of course, I completely agree with.

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Fraser Randall

Running a brand discovery workshop to define the look, feel and tone-of-voice of their new brand, we implemented the results across all their printed and digital collateral focusing on their website to create a clean and clear platform to display their fantastic projects.

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Working with the enigmatic owner of AlchemyFlow Darren, we created the brand: Defined their look & feel, iconography & illustrations, created a suite of labels & packing and built an engaging website.

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Arduino Spotify controller

We wanted a way to randomly select music to play in the studio. We put this together with an Arduino, an old Wii nunchuk controller, an antique Mac mini and some Node.js magic.

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